VIP Tables & Cabanas

VIP Cabanas

Kuva Weekend Festivalin VIP Cabanasta

Illustrative image, final layout and decoration subject to change

Looking for an exclusive festival experience? Check out our VIP Cabana – luxury and comfort that will take your Weekend Festival experience to a whole new level. The VIP Cabanas are partially covered and located in an elevated area, offering an unobstructed view of the main stage. Enjoy the performances of your favorite artists without crowds, in the peace of your own private space.

The Diamond tickets included in the VIP Cabana price guarantee the best experience for you and your party. There’s four different options to choose from, Cabanas are always sold with either 5, 10, 15 or 20 Diamond tickets for your party. You can book the Cabana for either one or both festival days at once. Pricing for VIP Cabana including tickets starts from €3500. 

Each Cabana is furnished with comfortable sofas and a table, creating the perfect environment for relaxing and socializing amidst the festival buzz. In your VIP Cabana, you are also served by your own table service, which fulfills your wishes and brings the refreshements directly to your place.

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VIP Pöydät

Kuva Weekend Festivalin VIP Pöydistä

Illustrative image, final layout and decoration subject to change

Book your own VIP table for the Weekend Festival! The VIP table is intended for six people, offering an exclusive base for the entire festival. Positioned in the raised stands of the VIP area, the tables open up a stunning panoramic view directly onto the main stage so you can experience every moment from the front row – in privacy, comfort and style.

The price of one table is €599, the tables are sold separately for both festival days. The price of the VIP table does not include festival tickets. Everyone entering the table must have a valid VIP or DIAMOND ticket to enter the area and table.

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