Weekend Festival 2024

The 2024 Weekend Festival will take place on August 2-3, 2024 at Vermo Arena (Valjakkotie 1, 02600 Espoo, Finland). Buy tickets here.

Age limit

The festival is for adults only (R-18). Customers must prove their age with an official ID card at the festival gates. Weekend Festival will not return tickets purchased for minors.


You can apply to be a volunteer as long as you have turned 18 by the start date of the festival. For each shift (6 hours), you will receive a one-day festival ticket. You can work as many shifts as you want. Apply to be a volunteer here.

Nearby residents of Vermo

We want to acknowledge the nearby residents of Vermo for any potential noise disturbance by offering a discount on festival tickets. Get the discount code here.

Wristband information

With wristbands, you can freely enter and exit the festival area, except during the last hour of the festival. The gates close at 11 PM on both days, after which entry to the area is not allowed.

Tickets that are exchanged for a wristband:

  • 2-day basic tickets purchased by June 9
  • All PLUS, VIP, & DIAMOND tickets

You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival gates or in advance at the Forum Shopping Center. We will provide more information about the advance exchange schedule and location closer to the festival. You can also exchange wristbands for your friends at the same time. Please note that you are responsible for the wristbands you collect, and Weekend Festival is not responsible for lost wristbands.

NOTE: One-day basic tickets and 2-day basic tickets purchased after June 9 will not be exchanged for wristbands. These tickets will be scanned directly at the entrance and allow only one entry per day to the area.

Accessibility and assistants

The assisted person needs a regular ticket for the event. The personal assistant can enter the festival area free of charge in the company of the assisted person. The personal assistant does not need their own separate ticket, and will get a wristband at the festival gate. The assisted person and their personal assistant can use the VIP entrance together. If necessary, the need for assistance must be proven with e.g. a disability or escort card or other official certificate.

The festival area is accessible, excluding the raised Diamond area. There are accessible viewing platforms in front of the Main stage and the Future stage. There are disabled toilets next to the platforms.


Any kind of bullying, violence or hate speech is not welcome at Weekend Festival. If you experience a feeling of insecurity at the festival or witness inappropriate behavior, please notify the nearest security officer. We want to offer everyone a positive and friendly environment, which is why we have zero tolerance for this kind of activity.

Weekend Festival reserves the right, without refund of any part of the ticket purchase price, to remove customers from the area or deny access to the area, if the customers do not comply with the rules of the venue, local legislation, or if their actions are considered illegal or offensive by the festival management or the subcontractor responsible for security.

Customers will go through a security check when entering the event. The customer is responsible for personal injuries caused by themselves, or to others before, during or after the start of the festival in the festival area.

Security check

All festival customers go through a security check every time they enter the gates of the festival area. All bags are checked before entering the festival area.

Permitted items
• Empty 0.5l transparent water bottle (plastic)
• Backpacks and bags (max. volume 18 liters)
• Cameras (max. 70mm lens)
• GoPro
• Medicine (prescription included)
• Chocolate bars, etc. for justified reasons
• Sun screens
• Binoculars
• Makeup
• Hand sanitizer (max 100 ml)

Prohibited items
• System cameras (over 70mm lens)
• Laptops, tablets
• Video cameras
• Umbrellas
• Selfie sticks / tripods
• Bicycles, kick and skateboards
• Glass bottles, jars and cans
• Alcoholic products and narcotic substances
• Firearms, bladed and percussion weapons
• Multipurpose tools
• Explosives
• Attention vests/jackets
• Snacks (small snacks, e.g. bar allowed)
• fireworks, torches, lasers
• Thick chains
• Animals
• Picnic chairs, prams and strollers
• Flags and banners

In addition to this, the distribution of various posters and flyers, as well as crowd surfing, are prohibited in the festival area. The organizers have the right to ban other items as well if they consider it appropriate.

First aid

Weekend Festival is prepared for accidents and minor damages. There is a comprehensive first aid station and competent first aid personnel in the festival area. You can find the exact location of the first aid station on the regional map published closer to the event. The festival’s own first aid team can patch up small wounds right on the spot and can provide first aid in the festival area. If you need help, approach any of the festival staff, first aid workers or security personnel. The festival’s first aid station can be found on the festival’s map, which will be published closer to the event. The most important advice – take care of your friends and be kind to other festival goers.