Partnering with Weekend Festival

In addition to the general public, the Weekend Festival gathers a number of national and internationally known companies and brands with whom it collaborates in a variety of ways both on-site and off-site.

Year after year, the Weekend Festival has included companies whose cooperation has been really important for the festival. Our partners provide content and benefits to our audience, and participate in the realization of an enchanting festival area.

The event has a particularly high international profile in Europe, which it wants to develop even more effectively in the future. Weekend Festival is one the largest festivals in Finland and is also the most followed music festival on social media in Finland with a total of more than 170,000 active followers.

Weekend Festival Photobook

Partnering with the Weekend Festival?

Weekend Festival is known for its memorable partner implementations that serve as a source of inspiration for other events as well. The festival offers year-round partnership options, as well as extensive networking opportunities. Partner companies have the opportunity to take advantage of the Weekend Festival in their own marketing.

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Apply to become a partner! We will contact you if we have a suitable cooperation to offer:

Influencer collaborations

Do you want to be part of Weekend Festival’s influencer team? In your application, tell us why you would like to join, and what kind of content you would like to produce in the collaboration. Please also attach the analytics of your main channel to your application.