04. Cashless

The Cashless wristband is a personal and secure access and payment system for our customers. Your ticket will be added to the wristband as well.
At the festival area you can only pay with the Cashless wristband. 
A Cashless wristband that has been activated beforehand significantly accelerates entry – and if money was added as well – purchase at the area.

Via the Cashless system you will be able to pay all your festival services with your wristband. You can manage the features of your wristband and the money that was added to your wristband via your MyWKND account.
All purchases made at the Weekend Festival will be made via the Cashless system and all the festival wristbands will be connected to the Cashless system. All ticket types are exchanged for a Cashless wristband, which will be used to pay for all purchases in the festival area.
You can add spending money with your MyWKND -account in advance or you can use one of the top-up points at the festival. Top-up points charge 1€ per top-up on the festival.  We recommend that you add money in advance to avoid congestion.
For more information about adding money to your wristband, see “How to add money to my wristband?

The Cashless system will minimise queuing and speeds up activities at the festival site‚Ä®. The MyWKND account allows you to view your use of money and shopping receipts all in one place.

With the cashless system your wallet is basically in your wristband. You can charge your wristband with more money at ‘top up’ points at festival for a £ 1 service fee or you can add the amount you want beforehand via your MyWKND -account.

The Cashless system is one of the safest ways to protect your money, tickets and other festivalservices during the festival. Since the wristband is all the time with you and cannot be easily removed from your hand it enables easy access to all services without the risk of losing it while you are having fun at the festival.

You will have all of your ticket information on your wristband, which ensures smoother logistics at the festival site and at the afterparties.

There are no additional fees for using your cashless wristband. 
Adding money to the MyWKND account in advance is free of charge, if you charge your wristband with more money at one of the ‘top up’ points at festival then a £ 1 service fee will be charged.

You can choose how much money you add to the wristband to be used for festival services.
PLEASE NOTE. If you charge your wristband with money, the cashless service provided will not return sums smaller than 5 euros.

The cashless system is one of the most secure ways to protect your money and ticket features during the festival.

Since the wristband is all the time with you and cannot be easily removed from your wrist, it enables easy access to all services without the risk of losing it while you are having fun at the festival.

All the information (including any credit or debit card information) attached to the wristband is protected on a secure server, so you can safely use your wristband to make purchases in the festival area.

All online payments are handled by Checkout Finland Oy.

Checkout Finland is a safe payment method and a licensed payment service provider, granted by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The service is maintained by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6), which is part of OP Financial Group.

Checkout will transfer your payment to WKND Festival as payment service provider. If you see Checkout Finland Oy on your bank statement or credit card bill, Checkout has transferred your payment. WKND Festival markets the products and services and delivers the products to customers. WKND Festival ensures statutory obligations related to purchases and other obligations that it has determined. If you want to file a complaint or return a product, you should directly contact WKND Festival.

The Cashless -service is provided by Playpass

If you put the wristband on your wrist before the festival, it can not be removed without breaking it.

If your wristband is broken, take the wristband with you to the Cashless Info point, where you can replace your wristband with a new one.  The broken wristband should be returned to the Cashless Info

To attach a wristband to a MyWKND account, the longer series of numbers/letters is used. Please note that both the number 0 and the letter O are used in the codes.