03. After buying tickets

Yes. All wristbands will have to be activated in order for you to enter the festival. We recommend that pre-order your wristband with home delivery so you can activate your wristband in advance on our website MY WKND ACCOUNT.

There you can also top up your credit for your wristband. 

Yes. This will help Weekend Festival to ensure smooth entry and minimize queues as well as making it possible to enter and excit the festival area at any time during the festival. 

1) You can order your wristband directly to your home address (delivery cost 10 eur / delivery). Please note that you need to pay 10 eur service fee for each wristband that you order. The service is available ONLY in Finland. You can activate it with our My Ticket -tool in advance. By doing that you will ensure an easy entrance and be able to enjoy the festival to the fullest. We recommend this option to all of our customers.

2) You can exchange your ticket to a wristband at an exchange spot. We will inform about these locations closer to the festival.

3) Exchange your ticket to a wristband at the festival gate. We do not recommend this option. This will slow down your entrance and we want you to be able to enjoy the festival and all the awesome artists immediately upon arrival.

  • The wristband home delivery is only available for addresses located in Finland
  • We recommend that you choose the home deliver option for your wristband. We will ship all wristbands to those who purchase the home delivery service before the festival. 
  • With you home deliver package you will also receive instructions on how to activate your wristband trough your MY WKND account 

Contact info[at]

Send an email to info[at] and we will take a look at the problem.

Yes. However, you will be personally responsible of the money exchange and selling of you ticket. We are working on another solution which will be announced later.