Weekend Festival proudly presents the biggest hardstyle event in Finland, which takes place in the Black Box of the Helsinki Ice Hall, on Friday 15 December 2023. In addition to Headhunterz, the event will feature artists respected in hardstyle circles, Wildstylez, DJ Isaac and Aftershock.

Dutch DJ and producer Headhunterz, real name Willem Rebergen, is one of the most prominent and influential artists in his genre. His unique melodic and energetic approach to the genre has redefined the sound of hardstyle music and made it an international phenomenon.

Headhunterz, behind legendary songs like ‘Dragonborn’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘From Within’, will take to the stage for the last time this year. Headhunterz, who have performed at the Weekend Festival up to five times, performed at the 2023 Weekend Festival to a full audience on the Future Stage for the last time. However, that appearance will not be Headhunterz’s last appearance in Finland, but now in December we will once again experience the wonderful moments that Headhunterz has created for us over the years.

In January 2024, he will open a new chapter and stop performing and touring to focus primarily on music production. Ready to move on to a new phase and live a more balanced life, Headhunterz felt it was time to make a change. Boasting 15 years of DJing, performing, touring and traveling the world, it’s a heartfelt decision that protects her physical and mental health. Headhunterz focuses on studio life, but not without going “out” first. Headhunterz has a new EP coming out this year, the first single “The Flame Inside” was released on September 15th.

Wildstylez has been at the top of the hardstyle scene for more than a decade, and is known for its close collaboration with Headhunterz over the years. Hardstyle pioneer DJ Isaac has been in the industry for over 20 years and is considered one of the founders of the genre. Aftershock won’t leave anyone cold when they serve their raw hardstyle set to the audience.

We have noticed a great interest in the hardstyle genre in Finland, inspired by which we want to offer the public the opportunity to experience the power of Hardstyle music together with other fans of the genre. This is a unique opportunity to experience Headhunterz’s show live before he stops touring. The demand for the gig is huge, so we recommend getting your tickets in time.