Security arrangements at the Weekend Festival

Safety is a matter of the heart for us and we never compromise or save on it. All arrangements aim to make the Weekend Festival a safe music festival for everyone, where it is safe to be and party. Our event employs several hundred law enforcement officers from whom you can ask for advice and assistance in any situation. During the event, we will work closely with the police and rescue authorities. Security arrangements cover the event area as well as its immediate surroundings. Not to forget the accommodation area and parking areas are also covered.

All festival guests go through a security check whenever they enter the gates of the festival area. All bags will be checked before entering the festival area. Bags and backpacks should be left at home or at the hotel to speed up security checks. Bags should be left in the cloakroom or lockers in the festival area during the festival.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers take care of the safety of customers both inside and outside the festival area. In addition, there are police and rescue authorities on duty and SPR’s first aid and support services.

In case of need, approach any festival first aid worker or security staff.

The festival’s first aid point can be found on the festival map, which will be published closer to the event.

The most important golden piece of advice to keep in mind throughout the festival is to take care of your friends and be kind to other festival customers.