Numerous pyro effects lit up the sky as the festival crowd celebrated David Guetta’s concert (Photo: Henri Juvonen)

In celebration of the last day of Weekend Festival’s ten-year anniversary, the main stage spat fire with numerous pyro effects. During the three days, the number of visitors and the accompanying events was around 60,000. On Sunday, energetic performances and international artists were seen on the stages. During Sunday, 28 artists were heard at the Weekend Festival. All in all, 81 artists performed at the festival.

The day of the main stage got off to a flaming start, when Gettomasa’s pyros and the hot sun of Kantola warmed up the festival-goers. Hands bounced as the Emma-awarded artist took over the audience. With Blind Channel, the hot atmosphere continued in the afternoon on the main stage. There was probably no one in the audience who didn’t sing the chorus of “Dark Side”.

The sing-along continued during JVG’s energetic show, as the audience sang as loud as they could from one hit song to another. Pete Parkkonen and Sini Sabotage also took the stage. “It’s a sick crowd here”, Jare and Ville Galle thanked the audience.

Fingers were raised at the Australian rapper and songwriter Masked Wolf’s concert. The passionate hip-hop messenger had the crowd dancing wildly during the hit song “Astronaut in The Ocean”. “Thank you so much Weekend Festival for having me. I drove and traveled for 40 hours just to be here and I appreciated every moment here, never give up your dreams!”. Masked Wolf commented after the show.

The main stage got the ending it deserved when the festival’s most requested artist of all time, EDM music pioneer David Guetta took the stage. Guetta danced the crowd of Weekend Festival already in the first year of the festival in 2012 and did it again today in honor of the 10th anniversary. The gig started with the artist’s biggest hit, Titanium. Pyros lit up the sky and the crowd exploded when the first chords rang out. “It was unbelievable. Thank you for having me Weekend Festival” David Guetta thanked after the gig.

British 25-year-old singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins, known for his R&B-style and soul-sensitive sound, rocked the audience for the first time in Finland, and the sensitive voice of American singer-songwriter Elley Duhé was heard on the marquee stage in the early evening. The last performer of the tent was the hugely popular Ukrainian electro-folk group Go_A, known from the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

Future Stage’s day was started by Heavyweight’s Sheikkinen, who already played at the 2012 Weekend Festival, who returned to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary with a gig. During the gig of the DJ-producer of the heavy set of electronic music, the sound of the bass was felt in the heart.

During the trance duo Super8 & Tab, which has gained international fame as well, the party crowd got excited to shuffle and push between dance moves. Stella Bossi from Berlin and Eli Brown from Britain, well-known in the DJ scene, brought the international greetings and energetic party to Future Stage. The audience was impressed by the concert of Meduza, who performed for the first time in Finland and brought house music back to the radio, as the sun set on the horizon. Future Stage was closed by Martin K4rma, the biggest messengers of Finnish techno music, as well as Zacharian and Simona

The day on the Yle X stage was started by Solaire performing alternative rock. The 19-year-old promise of modern R&B music from Turku, Louie Blue, who performed on the Ylex Stage, relaxed Weekend’s audience with his soft voice by performing, among other things, the song “Noisy” released in 2020. The Yle X stage also featured many up-and-coming and established domestic artists, such as Pehmoaino, Hassan Maikal and Lauri Haav.

“I couldn’t have wished for a better tenth anniversary. 50 more of these. Thank you.” Jyri Heikkinen, marketing director of Weekend Festival, summed it up.

Sunday gave the tenth anniversary a worthy end. The 2023 Weekend Festival will be celebrated from August 4 to August 5, 2023. The location of the festival will be announced later. Two-day Early Bird tickets are now on sale for €125.